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Hammers and Spanners?
No (well not usually)! Traditionally when one thinks of machine support it tends to be motors and bearings that come to mind. All our machines are built to the highest mechanical and electrical standards and that is why we can offer one year parts and labour warranty on all key components. But should a mechanical fault arise, we can quickly visit your site to remedy the problem.
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  • Jenton Dimaco “Champion” trainer training
  • Team training for up to 12 individuals
  • Emergency ad-hoc employee training to cover staff absence
  • Marketing department training to ensure that new products are easily verifiable
All of these can be provided on your site, at our site or at a conveniently located third party training centre. We can work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Jenton Dimaco verification system.
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Remote Support
Yes! Our team of support engineers can help diagnose almost all problems remotely. Using a variety of secure connection methods, we can analyse issues very quickly. Typical problems range from incorrect fonts to coders with failing print heads. Remember, faults picked up by our verification systems are not always obvious to the human eye!

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Our Veri-CENTRAL database links with the factory ERP/MRP and becomes a critical component in the production system. Discover more about our automated vision inspection systems.

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