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About Jenton Dimaco

Since its inception over thirty years ago, Jenton Dimaco has been the leader in pack label verification systems. Now, as part of the Jenton Group, Dimaco is growing significantly by focusing on what really matters – application engineering and the data.
We recognise that label-related defects are the most common cause of product recalls which are also the most preventable. Once a product reaches the retailers shelf, this is the last and only line of communication from the manufacturer. Therefore the label needs to be accurate and located accurately because when correctly positioned without rips and other imperfections, it helps improve the products first impression.

For vision inspection and detection, the label inspection systems perform automated graphical identification for various different packing types as well as providing assurance that the labels are always correct, accurate and looking their best when they leave production.

The vision and label inspection systems we offer form a vital link in the traceability chain and ensure label quality to keep labels intact and effective within the UK.

Our mission is to provide our customers with state of the art quality label inspection and vision inspection control systems for their production lines at all times. We achieve this by innovation, supply of leading edge technology products and associated after sales support as demanded by our UK customers.

We have a collective goal which is for our customers to be completely satisfied with the automated vision inspection products and services we offer them. We work with a quality assurance system of a very high standard so that progress towards our goal can be demonstrated at any time. The products we offer form a vital link in the traceability chain, especially for specific industries across the UK.

For more information about our automated vision inspection systems, don’t hesitate to Contact us.
Veri-CENTRAL SQL server database

Our Veri-CENTRAL SQL server database is the glue that holds the entire label verification system together.

Offline Label Verification

Offline Veri-PACK is often the gateway from manual (paper based) label verification to automatic online verification.

Online Label Verification

The fundamental advantage of online verification is that 100% of the packs are verified. Missing labels, intermittent printer faults and poor label presentation faults will also be found.

Additional Inspections

 Additional inspections include scanning ingredients onto the line and verifying case end labels.

Label Reading Technology

Label Reading Technology

We are ever more familiar with smartphone apps that can read wine bottle labels and similar products.  However, when we use these apps, we sub-consciously carefully align the phone with the label and ensure there are no shadows. Doing this at up to 200 packs/minute with packs coming at varying angles, often in poor environmental conditions is much harder.  

The technology behind reading labels is called Optical Character Recognition or OCR. Almost all commercially available label verification systems use some form of vison toolbox and a smart camera.  

Dimaco is different – we have developed our own OCR algorithms over 20 years. This gives us the industry leading ability to read labels without compromising production speeds or generating large volumes of false rejects.

It's all about the data

It's all about
the data...

Our Veri-CENTRAL SQL server gives you complete control over what data is verified and what results are stored.  With its capability to link with factory primary data sources operator error is removed from the system.  In simple terms, we know what you should be producing, and we check that you are!  Furthermore, we can produce the reports that prove you have correctly labelled 100% of your products – not just a random sample.

blue plastic inspection

and there's more...

Although not core to our label verification offering, Jenton Dimaco technology has also been used to detect blue plastic in mince, foam leaking from beer kegs, incorrect caps applied to bottles of cleaning products and food trapped in pack seals. If you have a production problem that you feel we might be able to help with, just get in touch. If we cannot help you, then we probably know who can.

Jenton Dimaco Brochure

Jenton Dimaco Brochure

Our Veri-CENTRAL database links with the factory ERP/MRP and becomes a critical component in the production system. Discover more about our automated vision inspection systems.

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