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Jenton Dimaco have four main physical product groups, they all connect to our Veri-CENTRAL database and in many cases one or more are used in the same factory. 
They have been designed so that the optimum physical solution can be deployed without either over complicating or underperforming. This prevents any problems of unnecessary expense, physical space issues and compromised inspections. 
Additionally, over the years we have developed some very specific niche solutions such as blue plastic detection and beer keg leak detection.
Our Veri-PACK, pack label verification systems check position, rotation and validity of hand applied promo labels, avoiding label mix-ups, product recalls and avoid significant labour costs. 
Our Veri-SEAL system detect product in seal problems. They can now be used to detect product in seal on thermoformed and top sealed packs. Veri-SEAL is an optional add-on that allows real-time detection and rejection of packs with seal contamination, reducing risk of pack leakages, minimise food waste and allows repacking in high-care.
Our Veri-DETECT system checks for the presence of blue plastic (typically down to 1mm square) on food production lines. Specifically designed for meat processing environments where blue plastic bags are usually used to transport bulk material. Also detects blue plastic machine parts inadvertently in product. Veri-DETECT is an optional add-on that allows real-time blue plastic detection and line stop functionality.
Jenton Dimaco Veri-CENTRAL SQL server database
Our Veri-CENTRAL SQL server database is the glue that holds the entire label verification system together. It is the source of the original data against which all labels are verified and it is the repository for all results. It’s very often linked to the factory MRP system, but can also be loaded with data from various databases and used as a separate QA database. All data (source or results) is locked down and is fully reportable and auditable.
Jenton Dimaco Offline Label Verification
Offline Veri-PACK is often the gateway from manual (paper based) label verification to automatic online verification. The unit is sited either within the QA department or near the production line and is used to electronically verify the label. Each time a label is to be verified the user logs in and places the label in the unit. An image is taken and all data is verified against the current production data. The results are stored within Veri-CENTRAL so that an auditable record set is produced, this will include time, date, operator, and any overridden rejected labels. It's normal practice to have a regime such as verifying first label, hourly label check, re-check after a line stop of more than twenty minutes and last label.
Offline Label Verification
The fundamental advantage of online verification is that 100% of the packs are verified.  Whilst the offline solution will, of course, find systematic problems such as wrong data, the online solutions will also find missing labels, intermittent printer faults and poor label presentation faults.
Jenton Dimaco integrated Veri-PACK systems
Integrated Veri-PACK systems are generally used on products where the final finished product has data that is hard to see – often due to barcodes being under folded packaging. A typical example would be a horizontal form-fill-and-seal machine or vertical bagger. In both these cases we would look to integrate one or more cameras into the machine, usually around the film unwind station. With careful line design we can integrate with a remote pack reject station or provide complete line-stop facilities.
Jenton Dimaco Conveyorised Veri-PACK solutions
Conveyorised Veri-PACK solutions are the mainstay of our business. This is undoubtedly the optimum way to verify labels on a range of packaging such as top seal trays, thermoformed trays and skin packs. Once the pack is on our conveyor we have complete control enabling us to actively set the camera height, product speed and lighting conditions. Generally we employ two cameras so that top and base labels can be read, but in some circumstances side labels are also read. Conveyorised systems have integrated lockable reject bins and can be specified to have certain supermarket COP compliance such as reject confirmation sensors.
Jenton Dimaco Combination Veri-PACK systems
Combination Veri-PACK systems combine the Conveyorised Veri-PACK machine with, in any combination, a checkweigher, metal detector or x-ray system. This creates a single solution with many benefits, the more obvious ones being a short line length and reduced overall cost. However the overriding system benefit is that we don’t just bolt a bunch of machines together, we fully integrate them all with the Veri-CENTRAL back office solution – this means that all configuration and results data is shared making for a fast seamless setup and fully auditable and secure results.  
Online Label Verification
Jenton Dimaco additional inspections
Additional Inspections are common and include scanning ingredients onto the line and verifying case end labels. However, the most common additional inspection is the verification of the presence (or verification of no presence) of promotion labels. These are often added after the primary packaging and labelling but are just as critical to the pack being accepted by the retailer.
Additional Inspections
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Our Veri-CENTRAL database links with the factory ERP/MRP and becomes a critical component in the production system. Discover more about our automated vision inspection systems.

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