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Jenton Dimaco is known for being a label verification company but really it is so much more. Our technology gives you both the confidence and the ability to be sure that the product that leaves your factory is correctly labelled.
Label Reading Technology

Label Reading Technology

We are ever more familiar with smartphone apps that can read wine bottle labels and similar products.  However, when we use these apps, we sub-consciously carefully align the phone with the label and ensure there are no shadows. Doing this at up to 200 packs/minute with packs coming at varying angles, often in poor environmental conditions is much harder.  

The technology behind reading labels is called Optical Character Recognition or OCR. Almost all commercially available label verification systems use some form of vison toolbox and a smart camera.  

Dimaco is different – we have developed our own OCR algorithms over 20 years. This gives us the industry leading ability to read labels without compromising production speeds or generating large volumes of false rejects.

data focused approach

It's all about
the data...

Our Veri-CENTRAL SQL server gives you complete control over what data is verified and what results are stored.  With its capability to link with factory primary data sources operator error is removed from the system.  In simple terms, we know what you should be producing, and we check that you are!  Furthermore, we can produce the reports that prove you have correctly labelled 100% of your products – not just a random sample.

blue plastic inspection

and there's more...

Although not core to our label verification offering, Jenton Dimaco technology has also been used to detect blue plastic in mince, foam leaking from beer kegs, incorrect caps applied to bottles of cleaning products and food trapped in pack seals. If you have a production problem that you feel we might be able to help with, just get in touch. If we cannot help you, then we probably know who can.

World Leading Label Verification

Our vision for reducing the environmental and financial impacts of food production
But really its about the data
World Label Verification

Jenton Dimaco Brochure

Our Veri-CENTRAL database links with the factory ERP/MRP and becomes a critical component in the production system. Discover more about our automated vision inspection systems.

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