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The Label Verification Company

Since its inception almost twenty years ago, Dimaco has been the leader in pack label verification. Now, as part of the Jenton Group, Dimaco is growing again by focussing on what really matters – the data.

What can Jenton Dimaco data and label verification systems do?

Jenton Dimaco label and data verification equipment is used to detect and prevent mis-labelling or the use of the wrong packaging materials and thus prevents rejection, repackaging and worst, expensive returns and recalls from customers.

In line or stand alone, Jenton Dimaco systems allow scanning of images (of labels or packaging film) to detect characters using the best OCR (optical character recognition) software available – all unique to Jenton Dimaco. These characters, barcodes and numbers are then read, and the data obtained.

First, the system assesses the text to make sure it is clear and legible – to the standard set by the customer (sometimes different for human read / machine read information). Secondly, the system checks to make sure non-variable data is correct (the right film, promo labels etc) and, thirdly, the system checks to make sure the data is correct. It does this by means of calculation and most importantly, reference to Jenton Dimaco’s unique database system – “Veri-CENTRAL” which coordinates all data with producer and retailers’ databases. Many hundreds of systems are already running in the UK food industry.

As an introduction to what Jenton Dimaco can offer, please consider the following points:

  1. Jenton Dimaco does not use ‘smart cameras’ or ‘vision toolboxes’. Jenton Dimaco uses the correct optical head for each application.

  2. Jenton Dimaco has created its own range of OCR algorithms – developed over fifteen years.

  3. Jenton Dimaco check 100% of all the production

  4. Different pack rejection procedures can be implemented.

  5. Jenton Dimaco’s Veri-CENTRAL is a SQL database that resides on a server somewhere in the factory. One Veri-CENTRAL will often service many tens of Veri- PACK systems throughout the factory

  6. Veri-CENTRAL carries out two distinct functions – it provides the data to each Veri-PACK and stores the results of every verification.

  7. In the case of catch-weight products, not only will the system check the price per kilo, unit price and weight, it will re-check the calculations as well.

  8. Once Veri-CENTRAL knows the rules for calculating the cooking time then Veri-PACK can check the printed value is correct

  9. Veri-PACK can read and check all linear and 2D barcodes as well as stacked data-embedded barcodes.

  10. All rules for computation of use by dates can be configured on Veri-CENTRAL.

  11. Veri-CENTRAL can also be used to verify that case-end labelling is correct and tallies with the packs being produced.

  12. Where a single line can produce many products such as pasties, each ingredient can be scanned as it is brought onto the line and then the label checked to ensure that each ingredient is listed on the product label.

  13. All aspects of Veri-PACK and Veri-CENTRAL are password protected.

  14. An operator with sufficient access rights (usually a Technical Manager) is able to remotely view and control every Veri-PACK in real time as well as viewing any report.

  15. A huge amount of time can be saved when using the large variety of pre-existing reports available (more specific reports and formats can be set up on request).

  16. Jenton Dimaco now works with manufacturers of high quality check-weighers and metal detectors to provide fully integrated end-of-line verification systems.

  17. Our team of engineers are expert in remotely logging in to a system and diagnosing a verification “problem” very quickly.

  18. Jenton Dimaco has a wealth of experience with non-standard labelling such as the use of a single barcode and SKU for a product with five different countries of origin!

  19. Jenton Dimaco systems facilitate the efficient use of end of line automation.

Dr Russell Sion, Tim Irons – Dimaco (UK) Limited

Richard Little – Jenton International Limited


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