Detect and prevent mis-labelling or the use of the wrong packaging materials.

Jenton Dimaco are world leaders in label verification systems. Specialising in the food processing industry, Jenton Dimaco design and manufacture Veri-PACK systems for verifying artwork, fixed data and variable data at high speed and in difficult environments.

All analysis and results are controlled by our Veri-CENTRAL back office system which can be integrated into the processor’s own MRP system for complete control and data integrity.

Modern, efficient food producers will employ more and more automation to increase speed, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. End of line automation is being added to pack individual retail packs into outer cases and trays. Automation of this type removes the final opportunity for packaging staff to detect mis-labelled products before they disappear into their cases and get loaded onto pallets. Dimaco label verification helps ensure such a costly mistake does not occur.

Why choose Dimaco?

100% pack inspection
Preventing expensive returns and recalls from customers.
Remove the requirement to archive original packaging and labels.
We focus on what really matters – the data.
Jenton Dimaco offer 100% pack inspection
prevent expensive returns and recalls with Jenton Dimaco
Jenton Dimaco focuses on the data
De-skill and reduce cost of manual label verification.
Jenton Dimaco reduces the cost of manual labour verification
Jenton Dimaco removes the need to archive packaging and labels


Jenton Dimaco Label Verification System
Jenton Dimaco design and make 4 different types of label verification systems
Offline  - to replace manual label checks
Integrated – often added to existing flow-wrap and C-label machinery
Conveyorised – our most popular system is a standalone unit with integrated pack reject system
Combination – conveyorised systems with any combination of checkwigher / metal detection / x-ray all with individual reject bins


Jenton Dimaco systems can be found verifying data on thermoformed packs, tray sealing lines, flow-wrappers, vertical bagmakers, labellers, bottle fillers – in fact anywhere that its important to verify the correct artwork and data of an applied label.
Jenton Dimaco Integrated Veri-PACK systems
labelling for the food industry
Labelling for the beverage industry
Label verification for the cosmetic industry
Label verification for the pharmaceutical industry

Service Contracts

Jenton Dimaco offer service contracts
Jenton Dimaco has its own dedicated team of technical experts.

We are available for both reactive and proactive maintenance both in person and on-line. Did you know that 90% of our service calls are sorted out by our engineers remotely logging in, saving valuable time and money?  
We can offer training both on-site and from our Bedford HQ for between 1 & 12 people at a time.  Training is always focussed on the customer’s application and usually aimed at creating site “champions”.
We aim to stock all parts for next day-delivery. Just call the office and we’ll do the rest.
Jenton Dimaco Brochure

Jenton Dimaco Brochure

Our Veri-CENTRAL database links with the factory ERP/MRP and becomes a critical component in the production system. Discover more about our automated vision inspection systems.


Label data verification
Jenton Dimaco label and data verification equipment is used to detect and prevent mis-labelling or the use of the wrong packaging materials and thus prevents rejection, repackaging and worst, expensive returns and recalls from customers.
Sustainability is without doubt one of the, if not the most, critical aspects concerning food producers in the UK today. 
data for label verification
Ask someone who works in the food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries about what’s important in respect of  label verification and the chances are they’ll start talking about paper label sheets or cameras...

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