Dimaco for the Food Industry

What can Dimaco data and label verification systems do for your business?

Jenton Dimaco label and data verification equipment is used to detect and prevent mislabeling or use of the wrong packaging materials and thus prevents rejection, repackaging and worst, expensive returns and recalls from customers.

Dimaco systems allow scanning of images (of labels or packaging film) to detect characters using the best OCR (optical character recognition) software available – all unique to Dimaco. These characters, barcodes and numbers are then read, and data obtained.

Dimaco systems are available as off-line sampling stations or as on-line systems integrated into other packaging machines or as independent conveyorised systems with rejects devices.

First, the system assesses the text to make sure it is clear and legible – to the standard set by the customer (sometimes different for human read / machine read information).
Secondly, the system checks to make sure non-variable data is correct (the right film, promo labels etc) and, thirdly, the system checks to make sure the variable data is correct. It does this by means of calculation and most importantly, reference to Dimaco’s unique database system – “Veri-CENTRAL” which coordinates all data with producer and retailers’ databases.

Many hundreds of systems are already running in the UK food industry.


● Veri-PACK: Offline Veri-PACK Label Verification System

● Veri-PACK: Online Veri-PACK Label Verification System – Integrated into Packaging Machines and Labellers

● Veri-PACK: Online Veri-PACK Label Verification System – Conveyorised with Top & Base Cameras