Dimaco for the Food Industry

foodProduct / Label Integrity Verification

In light of global requirements to be able to trace food products in the supply chain from the farm to the fork, Dimaco offers products that form a vital link in the traceability chain, especially for short shelf life – fresh food products.

Dimaco offers fresh food processors products that verify both the packaging as well as the labelling on it.

Dimaco label inspection ensure that the labelling is correct and all crucial over-printed data such as dates, price and weight are correct and legible for consumer’s use. This is used on fresh products such as poultry, meat and fish that are packed in trays, air sealed e.g. Modified Air Packaging (MAP) and then labelled.

The Dimaco verification products ensure that food that is packed in containers with a lid on them such as potato salads, soups, yoghurts and ice creams are correctly matched therefore preventing mismatched packs from reaching the consumers.


● Veri-PACK: Pack Label Verification System

● Veri-ID : Retail Pack Verification System

● Veri-OCR : Batch/Date Code Verification System