JentonDimaco integrated with existing Packaging and Labelling Systems


JentonDimaco integrated with existing packaging systems

When line space is tight, JentonDimaco system may be integrated within an existing system to ensure 100% of retail packages are verified.

Combined camera and lighting units are installed to capture an image of all packaging materials whilst it is flat and controlled, just after a date-code has been applied. This image can be instantly verified against data stored on JentonDimaco’s powerful SQL database, known as Veri-CENTRAL. Any packaging film, or printed data found to be incorrect will cause an immediate packaging line stoppage.

Systems can be integrated within:

JentonDimaco integrated in Bagging Machine

Labellers – Standard & ‘C’ Wrap

Integrated in Ravenwood ‘C’ Wrap System

Flow Wrappers – HFFS Machines

Integrated in Flow Wrapper

Baggers – VFFS Machines

Vertical and Horizontal Cartonners

Weight Price Labellers


‚óŹ Veri-PACK: Integrated Verification System