Dimaco for the Beverage Industry

beverageProduct Integrity Verification In light of global requirements to be able to trace beverage products in the supply chain Dimaco offers products that form a vital link in the traceability chain, especially for the bottle and the canned products.

Dimaco offers Bottlers and Canners in the beverage industry products that will verify the batch / lot/ date codes on filled bottles or cans to ensure that coded information is correct and legible for consumers use.

Secondly for beverage products packaged in kegs Dimaco offers a leak detection system for detecting leaks for the keg spear valve which has damaged or worn out seals. It ensures that the quality of the product reaching the consumer is in good state.


● Veri-OCR : Batch/Date Code Verification System

● Veri-KEG : Beer Keg Leak Detection System